Last Thursday while giving a talk, I was asked by an audience member what I was really good at as an entrepreneur. I thought about it for a second and responded, “I’m great at solving problems”. Well, he was looking for one of the 10 talents according to Gallup’s Strength Finder for Entrepreneurs — Entrepreneur Profile 10.
An avid student of psychology and self-improvement, I was eager to take the test. My results in order of strength from highest (1) to lowest (10):
  1. Independence
  2. Determination
  3. Confidence
  4. Disruptor
  5. Relationship
  6. Knowledge
  7. Selling
  8. Risk
  9. Delegator
  10. Profitability
Not sure if sharing this would expose me negatively, but I see this as largely positive. Especially where I’ve been the last several years and, in many ways, where I am today, the results make sense. 
The independence talent coupled with determination and confidence is how I approach much of my work — largely solo efforts with head’s down dirty work. As I said in earlier posts since starting at SalesWise, I’ve been so focused on delivery of the tactical that working on the strategic level has been a challenge for me. 
On the flip-side, I wish selling were higher, especially given my current role, but my work has been in flux as we learn and iterate our messaging. As an early-stage startup marketer and seller, I’m evolving more than normal as I iterate towards better-targeted messaging to scale acquisition.
So, I’m not at all surprised on being low on delegation. Given the many different hats I wear and the many tactical pieces I need to deliver, I have developed a propensity to work in silo. I find myself learning new tools and methods so I can do more on my own — a paradox given workload vs. time. Instead, I have a strong locus of control as I want to own more of the processes end-to-end so I can learn what works and what doesn’t without fragmenting my (our) learning. This is especially beneficial (at the moment) as I work longer hours, and I am unable to get responsive help when needed. 
It’s good to see my talent rankings. Though, I hoped Gallup would show me the “intensity” scale for each talent. Meanwhile, I recognize the risks of each of these. Heck, I realized my independence was becoming stronger late last year, partially promoted by a growing distrust of others to which I’m happy to be a part of a team to rekindle the ability to trust. A good team is comprised of team members with complementary talents — to which I have a very strong team to fill the gaps (in talent) I have.