What are you good at?
If you listed 5 or more “talents” or “skills”, try again. What are you really good at? If you listed 3, try again. If someone was to remember you for this, what would that be? Did you say one thing, yet?
Think about someone you know. What’s s/he good at? Who else could you say is also good at that?
Now, what are you really good at? What distinguishes you from someone else who is good in something similar? What differentiates you from the 100’s, 1000’s of others who could be similar?
Can you tell anyone in the world what you’re good at simply and curtly? If you spend more than 15 seconds, try again.
This isn’t just practice. This is your brand. This is your strategy. Think about this for your business. Why should anyone care about you? Why should anyone buy from you? What will you do for the buyer?
Let’s try again: what are you good at?