Every so often, I like to take on new personal projects.

This year, I am trying out video blogging. Specifically, I am posting to YouTube about my experience going under the knife to treat a herniated disc — dubbed “Post-Op Stories“. I’ve been living with a lot of pain since July 2017, and chose surgery (anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF)) as the solution.

I found a lot of disparate feedback about the patients, their situations, their treatments, and their long-term results. So, I’ve decided to video blog about the whole undertaking – weeks leading up to surgery for preparation, and then (now), days, weeks, and months post-op. All this to help others understand treatment options, specifically the ACDF, and for me to experience video blogging on a regular basis. Plus, this will help keep me accountable to following specific regimens to maximize my recovery.
You can check out the episode with the link below. Follow along the story, or just pick specific topics/ episodes for what could be interesting. Let me know what you think!