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The Roadmap of a Product-Oriented Company Continues with Prioritization

Building a business with a product is fun. It’s also a long, difficult journey. That journey of developing a product that includes the many twists and turns of building features, sunsetting features, and the like is called a product roadmap. However, like a traditional map, each road leads to a decision point. In the product […]

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New Project: Video Blogging My Surgery Results

Every so often, I like to take on new personal projects. Late 2015, I wrote Postmortem of a Failed Startup: Lessons for Success (published on Amazon January 2016). Late 2016 saw me meet 100 Strangers in 100 Days. In 2017, I started my donut review blog Mmm Donut. This is the only project so far […]

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Ratios and Multipliers in Business

Recently, I was reading an article in IndieHackers where a member sent out a landing page for an idea hoping to lean on sign-ups as a proxy for interest. With good interest, he would continue to chase the idea. However, he didn’t receive any sign-ups or feedback. He was stuck and was looking for feedback. […]

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Spotlights on Two Atlanta Startups Growing Through Regulations

Today, I’m spotlighting two Atlanta-based SaaS startups that are on a tear in growth – LeaseQuery and OneTrust. Both of these companies have experienced monumental growth by addressing excruciatingpains. In fact, those pains are brought about by regulations forcing companies big and small, near and far to address. LeaseQuery is addressing the upcoming FASB 842 […]

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Take-Aways from a CEO of a Startup From 5-50 Employees in 12 Months

I attended a meetup recently with a Q&A session with George Azih CEO of LeaseQuery, a company that has grown from 5 to 50 employees in the last year. His company is solving a real pain-point. In fact, what his tool provides addresses a mandate by upcoming financial reporting regulations — specifically, lease accounting. Having […]