3 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Backing Into My Girlfriend’s Car

It’s been a while since I took a real-world “funny event” and pulled entrepreneurship lessons from it – notables include being attacked by a ninja cat and then the intruder at 4AM.
Let me share with you how excited I am about being in a new relationship – I backed into my new girlfriend’s car. It was a typical Sunday morning heading to the gym. Except this time, I added a nice dent to her driver door and my passenger-side rear bumper.
I don’t normally have cars parked where she parked, and I was on auto-pilot. Sadly, auto-pilot does not include auto-awareness. No excuses here – I should’ve been watching.
Quick lessons:
  1. Comfort can breed complacency. I was comfortable in my Sunday morning routine – comfortable in driveway routine. Add in a wrinkle such as a car in an unusual position, and I fail to realize it. Be mindful. Always.
  2. Technology still requires attention. I have a rearview camera and backup sensors. None of it matters if I don’t pay them attention. Backup sensors work well when the driver knows there is an object coming closer. None of it is useful without attention.
  3. All about damage control. Once I heard the crunching of metal, I knew what I had done. I had to go tell the girlfriend, notify insurance, and get ready to allocate time and money to remedy this. Once the damage is done, it’s all about reaction. (Luckily, my girlfriend’s reaction was of understanding and a positive laugh about it.)

The first and third lessons are the most important. The first lesson is about prevention. It’s about diligence and awareness. The third lesson is about adapting. Not everything will be controllable. Reaction is critical to get back on path, or onto a new normal.