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Taking Gretchen Ruben’s Four Tendencies Test

Source: http://www.gretchenrubin.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/GR-FourTendencies-Upholder2.pdf
As I mentioned in my post last weekin asking the question, “who do you envy?”, I was listening to a Rich Roll podcast with Gretchen Ruben, author of The Happiness Project (podcast link here). She spoke with Rich about her latest project and book regarding the “Four Tendencies”.
The Four Tendencies help identify how people respond to expectations – both outer and inner (extrinsic vs. intrinsic). She wanted to understand why people were able to sustain motivation or stick to goals. In effect, she created another personality test to help people connect and navigate relationships.
The Four Tendencies:
  • Upholder:“I do what others expect of me—and what I expect from myself.”
  • Questioner:“I do what I think is best, according to my judgment. If it doesn’t make sense, I won’t do it.”
  • Obliger:“I do what I have to do. I don’t want to let others down, but I may let myself down.”
  • Rebel:“I do what I want, in my own way. If you try to make me do something—even if I try to make myself do something—I’m less likely to do it.”

I took the test – I’m an Upholder. This makes a lot of sense as I have a strong ability to not only make self-commitments, but I carry them out. This applies to external (outer) expectations as well (e.g. family, boss, customers).

You can take the test here. What’s your tendency? Agree or disagree?