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Joining A Startup Has Been A Massive Culture Shift

It’s been a little over a month since I signed on full-time with a startup (two including my month of contracting), and it’s been a big culture shift for me. Jumping straight in…
  • I go to the same office everyday. I don’t actually have to go into the office everyday, but at our stage, it’s important to be amongst the team to iterate our sales and marketing strategies. However, I still switch my afternoon environment to find new energy and meet new people.
  • I’m reluctant to use outside resources. Having bootstrapped startups in the past and working with other startups with little funding, I can appreciate not only wearing multiple hats, but also using every resource I do have to accomplish a need. However, now, I have resources (in the team or externally) to help produce what I need.
  • Food! Now working at ATV, I essentially have free breakfast and snacks. Additionally, my company does team lunches on Tuesdays and Thursdays + Startup Chowdown on Fridays. This means that I can conserve a lot of cash by forgoing some grocery shopping.
  • My time has been incredibly focused and in overdrive on SalesWise. I used to do a lot more high-level strategy in consulting. Now part of an early-stage startup, I’m back to an early morning, late night, and much-of-the-weekend grind… fully dedicated to a single company’s cause. Time management has become even more important.
  • I’m pushed farther and faster by everyone around me. The team is made up of highly successful, bright team members. They push me to think bigger, faster, more creatively, and they’ll provide support, too. I’ve learned a lot so far from everyone on the team, and it’s been overwhelmingly good.
  • I have benefits and consistent flow of money! It’s strange to know money is coming in after years of… “instability”. I can save even more now as the company pays the majority of health insurance. It’s interesting how having this job has been saving me more money than when my income was far less steady.
  • I’m working so deep in the tactical that I’ve been lacking at more strategic thinking. We’re iterating so fast that I’ve been managing website builds and changes, performing sales, building marketing campaigns, assessing marketing content, etc. I have not stepped back enough to assess the grander picture. This worries me as this created many blindspots while building Body Boss – so deep in the weeds I failed to realize the greater picture to optimize direction and tasks. 
It’s been a great change for me so far, and I have to really earn my keep with this talented team. Looking forward to the next month and hopefully many more more to follow.