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My Story

To Change the World for Greater Through Entrepreneurial Endeavors

My Purpose: I want to be a builder of the future like so many of the entrepreneurs before me. The entrepreneurs before me provided opportunities for those like me to succeed. I aim to provide the tools and inspiration to others in the form of jobs, leadership through my organizations (yes, I hope to be a serial entrepreneur), and philanthropy to my communities. I feel the greatest impact I can make in the world is by building companies and using them as vehicles to make changes for the better far grander than what I would do alone.

What I love: I love to build and execute, to take on challenges head-on, and help others. Ever since my early days as a Boy Scout, as a soccer player, at Georgia Tech, through consulting, and with Body Boss, I've had a knack for solving problems. I can envision not just the greater goal, but I can see the steps to get there, and I drive hard to execute to achieve the goal. It's why I'm known for getting things done through creative marketing, consultative sales, and collaborative teamwork. 

My motivation: When I was young, I understood that my position in life was a product of efforts not just my own. My success can be attributed to the opportunities afforded to me through my family, my friends, and my communities (Georgia Tech, Emory University, Atlanta, etc.). I aspire to do great things in honor of those around me, and to continually make them proud of our collective achievements.

My Blog's Purpose: I hope to share my logic to not only coalesce my thoughts about entrepreneurship and startups, but to provide others with the inspiration to follow their own passions. I've made a lot of mistakes, and hopefully, I can help others avoid the same pitfalls. My life has been full of exciting adventures and some wonderful mistakes -- you can see a little snippet of my life below. Each moment, each event of my life has been a great learning moment, and I look forward to continually learning and evolving with each new challenge.

Thank you for checking out my blog. If you have any questions or just want to connect, feel free to email me at or follow me on Twitter @TheDLu.

My Abbreviated Timeline 

Getting to My Entrepreneurial Journey

The Start of My Entrepreneurial Journey

My 2016 Pivot

Note: I'm assuming if you want my actual work history, you know where to look (LinkedIn).


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