Play Up the Emotional Experience

I’ve spoken to a few marketers and entrepreneurs recently about reinvigorating old customers in more transactional sales. These types of sales can be layups if done right, and though, would likely not yield 100% conversion, these opportunities can still have a high conversion rate. At least, if customers had a positive experience before.

In one case, a mooted marketing campaign involved a give-away with minimal reward but to buy a new “package” would’ve required planning and an investment over several thousands of dollars. In fact, this type of sale was more luxury-oriented and highly experiential. Though the marketing ploy could’ve been fun, I didn’t feel it would bear much fruit. More importantly, there was a better opportunity—create a campaign around the customers’ prior experiences.  

This luxury service offering meant the cost of acquisition could be higher. This also meant there was a good opportunity to leverage more personalized messaging. A more effective campaign would be to lean on the prior experience. That is, provoke the customer to think back and relive the experience. Building on the pleasurable experience will entice the customer back.

In traditional B2B sales, building a sales opportunity involves provoking the pain point. Then, show the customer how a proposed solution would relieve the pain.

Play up the emotional experience.