Want vs. choose. Sounds simple, right? Take a second, though, and think about what you want. What about what you choose. How different are they? Why?
This question came about after hearing this concept from the book I am currently reading.
  • I wanted a Tesla earlier this year. Instead, I chose a Toyota 4Runner. Of course, I also wanted a 4Runner, but due to the Tesla X’s $100+K price tag, I chose the vehicle that was a fraction of the cost.
  • I could have also chosen a very simple 4Runner let alone a little Toyota Corolla. Instead, I chose the Limited set-up with 4×4. I wanted this more than the base SR5 package.
  • If I was to step back further, my previous vehicle (2007 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4×4 with 115K miles) was still working great. It was all paid off. Yet, I chose to increase my personal burn rate by several hundreds of dollars because of want.  This, despite wanting to return to startup and entrepreneurship after my time at SalesWise– a life change which would likely provide meager financial security for a while.

Every day, we make decisions based on want. It’s not what we need. It’s what we want. We want what makes us happy. Arguably, we do not need to be happy. Instead, we choose to be. (… or maybe we wake up choosing not to be.)

Think about it. What do you want? What do you choose? Why?
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