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Task Prioritization – Could, Should, and Must

Sharing a new to-do list and task strategy I learned the other day – Could Do, Should Do, and Must Do. It’s a very simple framework to help folks stack prioritization and think about timing. Really, each description (i.e. “could do”, “should do”, and “must do”) is a list of tasks where moving from left to right represents the need.
Some things to consider when prioritizing tasks:
  • Time it takes to complete.
  • Explicit benefits upon completion.
  • Implicit benefits upon completion.
  • Cost to complete. (Weigh this against both explicit and implicit benefits for value.)
  • Blockers that prevent completion.

I’ve seen a lot of folks recently build task lists. Indeed, I have one (many) including my task list in Salesforce. However, not all should be weighted the same. The Could-Should-Must framework categorizes tasks into three simple buckets. Simplicity is key.

Any to-do list or task completion methods you recommend? Do you use one?