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Entrepreneur Interview Series: Kelly of Jade Marie’s Beauty

I sat down with a new friend who is starting a natural soap company, and in a sense, interviewed her as inspiration for this blog post.
I meet loads of entrepreneurs, and I’d like to start asking them similar questions to find common strings or uncommon facets of what makes them entrepreneurs. We did this with Body Boss asking coaches to answer a set of defined questions in addition to guest writing on our blog. It gave coaches an opportunity to market themselves and illustrate who they were while motivating others considering a job in strength and conditioning. This time, I’m doing it with entrepreneurs.
My friend is the first person I’m asking this common set of questions. Here’s Kelly Logan of Jade Marie’s Beauty:

1. Why are you pursuing entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is fulfilling. Kelly wants to build something from the ground up, and see how her hard work materializes.

2. What is it that you’re doing?

Making natural hair and body beauty products, specifically, soaps right now.

3. What made you start, and how?

Kelly always had a passion for beauty products, cosmetic chemistry, and her interest in math and science. She learned of the soap-making process years ago, and really honed her idea four years ago. She would read a lot about the soap-making process as well as how to start building her business.

4. What are some of your earlier lessons learned from failure or otherwise?

Lots of failures over the years. Kelly spent too much money on the wrong things including too much effort on festivals, pay-per-click, and even tactical things like having multiple email accounts and using the top-tier Shopify product.

5. What’s a personal area you’ve been working on to be a better entrepreneur?

Everything Kelly did before was in front of the computer. Now, she’s getting out in front of people which she is very uncomfortable with. She doesn’t lack confidence as much as she doesn’t like to call attention to herself and tends to be introverted.
Now, she’s forcing herself to be more extroverted. She wants to establish relationships including approaching a list of salons to help market and sell her product.

6. How would you define success as an entrepreneur?

Kelly’s definition of success includes feeling fulfilled in what she is doing. She feels tied and passionate about her endeavor. She adds being able to quit her two jobs she’s working to pay for her supplies and sustain her dreams. She hopes to live a “comfortable” life on her company.
Her views on success aren’t uncommon to many others’. Though, she views just having her own business as the goal. This flies in the face of so many young wantrepreneurs who believe the only way to define success is to sell a company for 7, 8, 9 figures.