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My Life-Defining Moment Happened When I Failed to Make Varsity in High School

Ever stop to think about who you are? What makes you tick and tock? How about what you truly enjoy and what you’re good at vs. not good at? Or what/ who has shaped you into the person you are today?
I’m at this stage of figuring out whether to continue independent consulting while iterating on ideas for the next startup or take on some full-time employment (consulting, product management, or otherwise). My recent post about my daily/ weekly schedule was an interesting exercise in stepping back and recognizing what I’m actually doing in a day, and made me really think at the macro level.
In one of my recent reflections, I thought about defining moments in my life. One of those watershed events that truly transformed me was my failure to make the Varsity soccer team in high school. I won’t rehash the whole story here – shared the story almost a year ago in my post titled “Getting Through Dark Moments and the Most Vulnerable Story I've Ever Told Publicly”. It’s this moment that I w…

The Finance of Startups: For Dummies (Part 4)

I’ve somehow managed to keep this going for four months (including today) researching finance concepts, and blogging about them. Wow, it’s been a great exercise learning and sharing.
I admit my recent blog posts haven’t gotten me THAT excited where I’m openly sharing, but when I started researching and writing this post, I felt that excitement again.
So, anyways… moving on for today’s post – PART 4! The following topics will be covered: Convertible NoteDiscount (as part of Convertible Note)Cap (as part of Convertible Note)DividendPro-Rata Rights Convertible Note. A convertible note is kinda, sorta, like-a hybrid of debt and equity financing. Here, the company and the investor delays setting a valuation for the company till a time when the company may raise another round with a valuation. Convertibles are a popular vehicle for early stage startups as it’s hard to discern the value of an extremely young company with little to no earnings.
So instead, the capital at the beginning is trea…

9 Lessons Learned Through My First Months of Learning to Code

I talked earlier about how and why I started to program in “These 3 Questions Led Me to Stop Waiting and Start Programming” back in December. I used the idea of Dee Duper – an online marketplace connecting parents in communities to buy and sell gently used kids goods.
The most popular “I wish” statement I hear from others today when I talk about what I do is: “I wish I had a good idea to start a company”. However, these days, a close second is “I wish I knew how to program”. It’s not just about entrepreneurship but companies big and small are looking for resources who not only understand business, but who have a technical capacity to do some coding, too.
There’s an inherent and subtle level of creativity with coding as well as layers of analytics involved. With the Internet of Things and the explosion of Big Data and mobile, I wouldn’t be surprised if some level of programming is introduced as part of core classes in high school and colleges soon.
So I don’t get carried away with pa…

Don't Have Time? No, You Have to Make Time

I'm a huge creature of habit. I like schedules, and I also hate them. Like my DISC assessment (high in both influence and conscientious), I'm a bit paradoxical in that I value both structure and spontaneity. As an entrepreneur, I've learned to really embrace this bend-but-don't break schedule.

However, I've always been a bit programmed in appreciating structure and bottlenecks. It's probably what ultimately drove me to Industrial Engineering at Tech and a consultant after graduation. I always understood priorities and making time for those things that matter most.
In entrepreneurship, this can be a tough task -- making time for things that matter while balancing the needs to create and execute. We hear all the time how it's important to live and breathe the business. Work 20 hours a day; sleep for 4. Even though I don't have a startup success under my belt, I have to believe that's a load of crap. At least for me, I know to operate at my best, I n…