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3rd Thanksgiving into My Entrepreneurial Journey: Giving Thanks

Welp, it’s Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. No frills, pills, or chills with this post, but listing a few things I give thanks for this year. Friends – I put friends first because I’ve had a couple really close friends who have been great supporters and motivators over the last year especially with Body Boss and Dee Duper. Everyone always seems highly engaged in what I’m working on, and offering some tremendous support including helping me learn how to program.Family – Always able to be counted on, my family has largely been a great support system. Though, I do have family members who believe I’m bat-shit crazy for continuing on my low-income-pursuit-of-my-dreams. I know that in the end, they just want me to be happy and comfortable. We haven’t seen eye-to-eye in some other cases, but overall, they’ve been exemplary to lean on especially when I’m dying from food poisoning and bed-ridden. Yeah.The Body Boss Fitness Team – Okay, so these guys are already pretty much captured in t…

The Finance of Startups: For Dummies (Part 1)

Okay, I’m going to admit something here. Publicly. I don’t know a lot of things when it comes to startups. *phew* That’s like a big weight off my shoulders. I’m sure you’re surprised. Well, let me be more specific – I don’t know much about the finance part of startups. Yes, I have one of those MBA degree things buried somewhere in my house, but I didn’t really grasp finance. Truth be told, my learning style was much different from the way my finance professor taught, and as it was the foundational course, I got very little out of it.
Starting with this month, I’m going to post an article or two about a subject I don’t know much about. I’m not sure what the structure’s going to be, but I’m going to start and just let it play out and course-adjust as I see things working out. It’s like a startup itself! Essentially, I’m hoping to disseminate my learning for you in, hopefully, an easily digestible blog post. Be sure to share at the end any concepts or questions you have, too.
Where to …

Life After Failure: Stories from the Founders

My buddy (and the great Developer) Don sent me this link from HackerNews where a user posted the following question:
Founders whose startups have failed, where did life take you afterwards? (link)
I’ll just cut to the chase today because I read a ton of the responses… almost too many. I got through about 80% of comments, and I think I’ve got enough content in my notes to cull some of the interesting stories and take-aways.
“Hacker News is a social news website that caters to programmers and entrepreneurs, delivering content related to computer science and entrepreneurship. It is run by Paul Graham's investment fund and startup incubator, Y Combinator.”Wikipedia
So here’s the list. Though, note that this is from the first 33 posts as of 9:30AM this morning (11/12) (not including replies to comments here, just first-level comments). 8 founders I would qualify went into full-time gigs with seemingly non-startup companies including many at Apple and GoogleMany cited regaining confide…

How Facebook Makes You Feel Good and Layering Psychological Cues in Tech

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you know of my interest in psychology as well as technology. Some may call the interest a passion. Others may call it an obsession… not many. Anyways, I was on Psychology Today the other day, and found a really interesting article – “The Human Psychology Behind Facebook’s Success”. I remember immediately being piqued about learning more on why I keep clicking on that damn site so many times a day.
The article starts by talking about how Facebook allows us to “not only connect with loved ones, but with our fundamental human needs”. Intriguing. Go on. Facebook is the “daily destination […] to meet our need for psychological fulfillment”. Okay, I’m in. Let’s get into the rest of the article.
The article breaks Facebook into addressing four key psychological needs. Self-esteem This is a strong determinant of our psychology well-being, and Facebook allows us to build our self-esteem via purposeful construction of our self-schema. “Self-schema…