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Before Starting a Business from Your Passion, Can You Stand It If It’s A Hobby?

I read a lot. Not books, but I read a lot of articles and blog posts and the like. When I do, I try to diversify a bit of what I read, but inevitably, I tend to read those that are more or less related to entrepreneurship, leadership, psychology, etc. Naturally, they tend to sound very similar to one another in some way, and I doubt mine is too different – except, sprinkle in some of my anecdotes and writing style.
So recently, I read a post about a corporate suit-turned-chef – “Fulfillment & Restoration Of The Soul”. But it tasted similar (see what I did there?) to other “pursue your passion” posts with a couple interesting points but one that really stood out. That is, the ending left me with a very, very interesting thought. So much so that I can’t get over it, and I have to write about it now – several hours after I read it but far before the Wednesday this post will eventually be published on.

“Maybe the trick is to make your passion a hobby first and see if you’re finding peace in it.” – simple, right?
A bit of an oversight on my part because whenever I wrote about passion-pursuits and the like, I always felt that it was superfluous to say, “it’s a hobby” or that you’re “living it”, when that’s not the case always. It really SHOULD be explicitly said. At least, that’s how I view it.
The way I’m interpreting this enlightening, yet maybe not so profound (?), piece of advice is simple… is your passion even something you can do as a hobby? Is it something you can find yourself doing repeatedly? Are you actually happy doing it repeatedly? Again, probably not so profound for you, but it’s interesting because as much as I think I know some subjects, it’s great to look at “familiar” things from another perspective and learn about it that way.
Okay, so you’re probably thinking, “Daryl, what the fudge are you talking about?” (Yes, those exact words.) Bear with me. I think the writer here is telling the readers to really try this “passion” that they feel they have. Sometimes, passions are really great interests, but not something you truly want to pursue.
Kind of like these winter melon pastries I get from the Philippines. When I get a couple packs, I freaking love them and will devour them in minutes. However, when I get a big bag of them, after a few packs, I’m disinterested.
It could even be something as simple as you love doing it, but you don’t want it to become your life. You don’t want that passion to creep into a business where now you live and breathe it, and then it ceases to be your passion.
If you really, really love doing analyses and cutting big data, and you think big data is your passion or social media marketing or technology are what drive you, make it a point to integrate elements of those in your life everyday. How’s that feel? Still excited? Are you finding yourself not that interested in new techs, new apps because you think you’ve seen them all? Then maybe technology in the marketing space isn’t where you should pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor.
Pursuing your passion via some entrepreneurial endeavor is great. It’s fantastic! Though, when you intertwine that “personal life” into your “business life” so it all just becomes “life”, maybe it’s not cracked up to be the right move for you after all. To figure that out, as the writer puts it, “make your passion a hobby first and see if you’re finding peace in it.”
Silly profound.