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Day 2 from Mobility LIVE! Conference in Midtown Atlanta

Day 2 from the Mobility LIVE! conference in Midtown was a full-day affair chock-full of some crazy interesting, provocative speakers. (I was told I should use more “interesting” language to elicit laughs and be more memorable. So for you reading this, you know who you are… you’re welcome.)
Yesterday’s post for Day 1 was much longer than I wanted to type, but it happened, and now I’m afraid of this post because… well, like I said, it’s a full-day rather than the half-day of yesterday. Let’s cut to the chase, that’s all you want to read anyways!
Okay, so here we go -- Day 2 Highlights:
Keynote spearheaded by Michael Zeto of AT&T (former CEO of Proximus Mobility -- acquired in 2013). Zeto touched on the many strengths of Atlanta as the central hub of the growth and evolution of Mobility. Global data traffic to grow 13x in 2017 from today. That’s an outrageous number, but I’m not arguingGeorgia was ranked No. 5 in “app intensity” by the Cellular Telecommunications Indus…

Day 1 from Mobility LIVE! Conference in Midtown Atlanta

So this was a cool little surprise that I learned about a month ago that there was going to be this conference called Mobility LIVE! in Atlanta hosted by the good people of the Metro Atlanta Chamber. The conference runs for two days bringing together some of the most influential companies together to share their thoughts on mobile technology, and how they’re companies are “mobilizing” to both capture the opportunity and address it.
Mobile’s obviously not new, and it was touted as the greatest inflection points since the invention (or coming about) of the internet.
Day 1 was really just a half-day, and I sat in on a couple sessions as well as the “after-party” at Opera. (What an interesting place Opera is when the lights are actually on and the place isn’t full of… characters.)
So here are some random collection of thoughts and observations from Day 1:
Business Transformed Session starring Brett Cooper (CEO of BlueFletch Mobile (a mobile development company)) who moderated the panel,

Before Starting a Business from Your Passion, Can You Stand It If It’s A Hobby?

I read a lot. Not books, but I read a lot of articles and blog posts and the like. When I do, I try to diversify a bit of what I read, but inevitably, I tend to read those that are more or less related to entrepreneurship, leadership, psychology, etc. Naturally, they tend to sound very similar to one another in some way, and I doubt mine is too different – except, sprinkle in some of my anecdotes and writing style.
So recently, I read a post about a corporate suit-turned-chef – “Fulfillment & Restoration Of The Soul”. But it tasted similar (see what I did there?) to other “pursue your passion” posts with a couple interesting points but one that really stood out. That is, the ending left me with a very, very interesting thought. So much so that I can’t get over it, and I have to write about it now – several hours after I read it but far before the Wednesday this post will eventually be published on.
A bit of an oversight on my part because whenever I wrote about passion-pursuits a…

3 Hours in Salesforce, and I'm (Finally) an Expert!

So I’ve mentioned powerful systems like Salesforce in the past many times, but truth be told, I had never actually stepped foot in the Salesforce platform. However, when it comes to a CRM, it’s the go-to system. Heck, many of the DC Companies (David Cummings’/ David Cummings-backed) are built with Salesforce in mind – Rivalry for leaderboards and sales coaching [of record], SalesLoft for prospecting, etc.
When I speak to startups these days about Biz Dev roles, curiously, many tout the need for Salesforce experience. This has always been a… well, “curious” thing to me, but I get it. I was once in the Management Consulting world, and I know someone with SAP experience can get up and running much faster than someone without. However, Salesforce isn’t as ridiculous as SAP. Or at least, so I thought. I mean, again, I had never experienced it. My logic was rooted more or less in the many articles, talks, and even YouTube videos I had seen of Salesforce. I always questioned why Salesforce…

The MBA in a Startup World – It’s About Positioning

There are ton of MBA vs. Startup articles out there, and no doubt there are those who have very passionate (if not myopic) views on the subject. Like every other research paper, it's catered to our views. I was even told recently in an interview at a startup that an MBA is largely looked down on in startups. So my view? MBAs suck! No, wait, MBAs are great! No wait...
Does it really matter? Maybe. My view is really that at the end of the day, we make do with what we've got. I've got that little piece of paper with "Master of Business Administration" and my name on it. I've also founded a startup and worked with several others. So maybe I have one of those amazing perspectives cuz I've been on both sides.
At the end of the day, the MBA was a great experience. Learning all these different subjects like Finance, Accounting, Marketing, etc. isn't going to be the real value of the MBA. Instead, it's really about the connections. So if you're like me t…