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Starting a Startup and the Multi-Tools Available to You

Okay, you already know starting and running a business is tough. When it comes to what kept myself and my co-founders up at night (many nights) included specifically sales and product development. That makes sense, though, as a technology startup. However, there are obviously many other parts of running a company like the boring administrative tasks, office, etc.
Luckily, there are a number of tools available to companies of all sizes to help handle things like marketing, setting up the business, and to even virtual team meetings. So what were some of the cool tools we used that helped us get set up quick?
Information Technology – the core of our business, right? Ruby on Rails (RoR). This programming language was easy to learn and get set-up quickly. Further, there’s a highly collaborative community behind RoR wanting to help.
Heroku/ Amazon Web Services (AWS). Bundled with RoR (to my non-programming knowledge) is Heroku, a backend easily integrated with RoR that helps you set up your P…

Mind the GAP Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

I’ve been posting all these Quotes of the Week on Facebook, Twitter, etc. that are meant to be inspirational. Many of those as well as the blogs I’ve been reading have been about motivating/ inspiring those to quit their jobs in favor of ones that fit their passions. Or at least, pursue a future where you can be happy both professionally and personally – fits your values. UGA alum and recent TEDx’er Barrett Brooks says to pursue that job you say “TGIM” – Thank God It’s Monday, rather than Friday (TGIF). I like that idea, though, I’d suggest having that feeling everyday.
So, after all these ghostly voices telling you to pursue something greater, you’re ready to take the leap, right? No? Why not? Everyone’s telling you to. C’mon… Heck, I have a friend who just informed her grad school she’s dropping out to pursue her passion in singing. Ready? Set? GO!
Okay, okay, so let me fill in the gap – where you are, THE GAP, and actively entrenched in your passion. Yes, that GAP where you either…

Finding A-Players Out in the Wild and Harnessing Their Power

Have you ever been asked if you’re a “high potential”? How about if you’re an “A-player”? Athletic player?
I was recently sent this article by the CEO of a promising startup in marketing about A-players – “We’ll Trade 100 Employees For One A-Player” by Victor Belfor and Ben Smith. Context: the startup’s on the recruiting hunt for various roles, and the biggest trait they’re looking for beyond things like developer or sales is “A-player”. In the startup/ entrepreneurship world, there goes a saying… “Slow to hire, fast to fire.” There’s a reason for this…
Referencing Jim Collins’ book From Good to Great, Belfor and Smith write that A-players are those who possess the unique combination of humility and will. A-players have the will and drive that not only assures motivation, but enables them with the drive to run through walls, and not just see “no” as a reason for turning back. A-players are proactive. “The buck” stops with them. They may not be the brightest, necessarily, but you bett…

5 Entrepreneurship Lessons from My Run-In with a Ninja Cat

I just received a great article on A-Players, but I’m going to save it for next time. Instead, for this week, I’m going to continue last post’s rather unorthodox post with this Monday’s rather… unusual situation and what equally unusual relations I could draw from/ with entrepreneurship.
That is, I was attacked by a massive, never-before-seen pterodactyl! I’d show you, but it vanished as quickly as it attacked me in true guerrilla warfare. Okay, I wasn’t attacked by some flying dinosaur, but instead, I was ambushed by a seemingly domesticated cat. Yes, laugh it up.

However, there are some interesting nuggets that can be learned here that, like I said, I’d like to share with you that can be ported to entrepreneurship. Ready to see what weird parallels I’m talking about? Let’s see… Expect the unexpected. You’d never imagine getting clawed in the face by a cat, and emerge as if you got in a fight with Wolverine or an actual animal wolverine. I got a sense I was probably sitting in the …